Thursday, August 18, 2011

My cat has a shoe fettish and I need some carbs stat

So I think I have a problem.

Bosco has a shoe fetish.

These two pictures were taken about three minutes apart.  I guess he was done with sandals and it was time to move on to flats.  I can't leave any type of footwear on the floor because he will find a way to lay on them.  He's also fat so sometimes this messes with the shape of the shoe.  I suppose there are worse fetishes my cat could have.

Last night I went to a restaurant on the South Shore called Alma Nove.  It's run by Paul Wahlberg, yes that Wahlberg family.  Sadly there were no sightings of Marky Mark or the Funky Bunch.  I had the beet salad and it was delicious.  I'm picky about my beet salad and I suppose now's the time to admit to you all that I love my beets.  True story!

My date was a young gentleman who has great taste in music and knows how to shoot a gun.  He does not like to hunt animals though.  Two points for the young gentleman!  In all seriousness he's really very sweet and treats me like a lady.  He's a few years younger than me but seems to have a good head on his shoulders.  He'll be 24 before I'm 28 which is important to me for no good reason.  Also!  He has the hair that I like.  I'm a sucker for a dude with a nice head of hair.  I'm not going to lie, it's just the way it is.

He showed me around the beach area and we had a drink overlooking the water with a fire pit.  We made fun of the music that was being played (no more Train please.  I don't care if Meet Virginia is on).  I wanted to take some pictures of the view for the blog but I thought that would be rude during a date.  I did manage to send out one tweet.  Bad Ginny, I know.  He was in the bathroom though when I tweeted.  I'm not that rude.  Social media has taken over my life.

I got home around 1 a.m.  That's way past my bed time on a work night but I was having a good time.  Now all I want to do is stuff my face full of carbs.  Ahhhh starchy goodness!  I crave carbs when I'm tired.  It's horrible.  I'll probably be eating all day.  This is my brain on tired.  Tomorrow is Friday so let's perk up around here.


  1. My cat has a foot fetish tooo! I thought she was the only one, and I was embarrassed to admit it. She loves shoes and prefers to rub on your feet than have you pet her. Weirdo.

    I'm glad your date went well :)

  2. my cat looooves shoes too!

  3. Kitty just wants to get cozy where he can smell your pheromones-- shoes are full of them! My cat loves laying on our shoes, too, and I'll often find her curled up in my closet. It's sweet :)

  4. cute cat. agreed that there is a lot worse you could have your cat do.
    I love beets too! always open for a great beet salad. And ditto on hair.

  5. Remember when Bosco tried to eat my shoes because I left them on the floor? That was adorable. I have pictures.

    Keep us updated on the dating! I need to live vicariously through you.

  6. Oh yes, I remember Bosco and your shoes. Big weird-o. Him not you ha ha.