Friday, August 19, 2011

What is wrong with people!

I wanted to post about this on Facebook because that's where this rant is stemming from but I don't want or need facebook drama in my life.  I said my piece but I held back.  Thank God I have a blog right?

I'm Facebook friends with a girl, we'll just call her P, who drives me insane.  The only reason why I'm still Facebook friends with P is because I grew up being very close to her sisters and family so it would be rude if I was friends with all of them but not with P.  Trust me I defriended her before and it was more trouble than it was worth.

So P posts this status on Facebook:

I had to let the cat go :( is was bleeding and about to die so I let it go in the wildness

WTF!  Who just let's a house cat go in the "wildness".  Especially when it's that sick.  The poor thing!  You can't just discard a pet because you don't feel like paying for it.  You shouldn't have got the cat in the first place!  This pisses me off so bad.  There is one girl who told P off in the comments on her status and people jumped all over her telling her she was being mean for getting upset with P.  Are you kidding me?!!  Who's the one who left a pet outside to die rather than being responsible and having the cat put to sleep.  She could have called the humane society and lied and said she just found the cat.  They would have put the cat to sleep.

This girl drives me crazy!  I won't even get into the fact that she let's her toddler aged children ride around in cars without a car seat or the fact that she thinks it's funny that my tax dollars pay for her children, food and housing.


  1. what! That is INSANE. I'd have definitely gone off on her for that. I have a few people like that on my facebook as well, I've deleted some and, like you, still have some on there because it would cause "family conflict" or whatever and they'd make a huge fuss about it if I saw them at an event in the future.

    Sadly sometimes facebook updates really do show you how ignorant people you once liked REALLY are.

  2. I commented that I thought what she did was wrong and that the cat should have been put down. A few people responded and I could have kept going back and forth but I decided to leave it alone.

  3. I know someone like that too. Drives me insane! Good thought not starting a Facebook war over it. She's not worth that kind of anger and energy.

  4. That's so cruel, I can't believe someone would do that to their own pet. You could call animal control on her, tell them she isn't caring for her animals in a humane way.

  5. uh! wow!

  6. That's horribly inhumane. I hate that people think it's okay to act like that.

  7. Oh, god. That is terrible. People are awful.