Monday, September 5, 2011

#Dating in Boston. It's rough out here!

I was reading Jen Friel's blog posts about the dating scene in Boston.  God do I feel her pain.  I don't know what it is about Boston guys but they need to step up their game.  Boston guys will make eyes at you from across the bar but they won't come over to you.  Because I'm an outgoing person I'll usually just go over to them.  I wish I didn't have to though.  I don't know if it's this attitude like, you should come to me or what but come on dudes!  Just come over and say hi.  Don't sit there and expect the girl to come to you.

I have friends who moved here for school or for various reasons and most of them have commented on how horrible the dating scene is here.  At first I stuck up for Boston dudes.  Then I started traveling more and realized they're right.  Boston dudes make it rough.  They are standoffish and expect you to do the work.  I'm not going to come and talk to you if you look like you're too cool to share the same air is the people around you.

So this is my tip from me to you.  Relax a little Boston dudes, look approachable.  Don't just make eyes at a girl.  Go on over and talk to her.  I'm use to it because I'm from here but you're giving the wrong impression to non-Bostonians.  I know there are some nice Boston dudes out there who are confident enough to walk up to a girl and say hello but we could use a few more.

Oh and Boston ladies.  Not every guy is out to treat you like crap.  It's ok to be nice.


  1. I was with my friend at The Burren in Davis Square once, and the bartender told us that two guys sitting at the end of the bar wanted to buy us drinks. We accepted, thinking the guys would come over to talk to us...and they never did! It was the weirdest thing ever.



  3. @Katie - sounds like Boston dudes. I love the Burren!

    @Lor - come to Boston and I'll bring you to the Irish dudes. They will come up to you ha ha.

  4. I think NYC guys are kind of like that too.

    Also, I'm following you and added you to my goodreads friends list because we basically like the same books and that makes me happy!