Friday, September 2, 2011

#Moving day in Boston. Hide yo kids hide yo wife!

Check out my new header.  It was all Kelly's doing.  I put out the call on facebook for some help on creating a blog header.  I'm stuck with MS paint on this laptop and considering it's not mine I don't want to download too many programs.  Also, I suck at these kind of things.  Kelly did an awesome job especially considering I didn't give her much to go on.  I owe her for sure.

My brother and his wife arrived safely in Boston.  I've been going non stop since they arrived.  Pick up from airport, family dinner, baby shower planning, drinks with Melissa, funeral, doctors appointment.  I'm also going camping at some point this weekend to visit more friends who are here visiting.  One came all the way from Hawaii.

As busy as I've been my time has been mostly spent with friends and family so I can't complain.  Plus it's the beginning of September and I'm not moving!  I hate moving.  I live on a pretty major street in Boston and the sidewalk is full of people's stuff.  It's insane up in here!

I could barely make it down the sidewalk.  I walked by an older Asian woman screaming at some movers.  They were clearly fed up with her.  "I'm not listening to you anymore!"  Apparently they were not moving stuff off the truck in the proper way and she could barely speak English.  I'm glad she's not moving into my building.  She would totally interrupt my solo dance parties.

I think being a mover would be my job from hell.  It's right up there with being a day care worker.  I'm glad other people do it so I don't have to.

Time to get packing for camping.  I can't wait to see everyone.


  1. totally agree with you that being a day care worker would be hell... ugh kids.
    I guess that's why you have that cliché scene of the movers shaking up the fragile box... some people are just such complainers.

  2. Whee! It looks lovely over here. I am quite fond of the little favicon too. :) I'm glad you like it!

  3. PS - moving day 'round here is Aug 1. I'm glad it's over. Although now all the college kids are all up in my Target, so. Sigh.

  4. Ah, the semi-annual greater Boston furniture exchange and traffic jam. The sidewalks aren't quite that bad on this side of the river, but the confused and disruptive drivers are plentiful on our maze of one-way streets.

    You're a wise woman getting out of the city for a while.

  5. @Little Missy - I don't mind kids. I just don't need to be around that number of them five days a week. The moves were moving mattress. I don't know how you can screw that up.

    @Kelly - Thanks again Kelly!!

    @Robin - Are people still ignoring the new one way street? Ha ha.

  6. i think a day care worker would be worse than a mover...diapers? yuck! on a side note, i have a "hide your kids, hide your wife." shirt.

  7. @Katie - get out! You have a shirt?! I need that ha ha.

  8. A mover would be one of my jobs from hell, I think painter is up there with all that. I like the interior design aspect of moving, and being able to start with a clean slate but the manual labor of mover or painter - HELL!