Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy birthday to my BFF Germana!

Sunday already?  The weekend flew by.  Friday night I drove down to the South Shore to hang out with Dave and some of his friends.  We ended up at The Red Parrot in Hull.  This was my second trip to The Parrot and the people watching there is so far two for two.  Hagrid from Harry Potter was hanging out at the bar as well as a woman who thought she was Stevie Nicks going on a spirit quest.  She had this crazy head band on her forehead.  We could see her talking outside the window but could not see who she was talking to.

"Who is she talking to?  I can't see anyone."

"Probably her spirit animal, the dodo bird."

Mystery solved.

Saturday night was Germana's birthday!

Sexy birthday girl face.

We had food and drinks at The Yardhouse in Dedham.  Germana and I each ordered the California roll not realizing it was literally just one gigantic roll.  It was the size of my face and really really yummy.  We could have split one since we each just ate half.  You can see me digging into that monster above while Germana's boyfriend tempts her with pickles.

Do you recognize Germana?  Maybe you've seen her blog or met her at BiSC in Vegas?  We've been friends since Junior High.  I love this girl!  Happy birthday G!


  1. Thanks for coming out, I had a great time! :) Whoa baby, how can anyone resist my "sexy"/ "punching myself in the mouth" face?!!

  2. what food item is that in the third picture down?

  3. Jealous! sounds like it was a good time. =)

  4. @G - No one can resist that face.

    @Kayleigh - that would be the giant California roll

    @TJ - It was for sure!

  5. Boo, feeling bad I missed it, thanks for recapping! I just fell in love with Germana's eyes, was too busy looking at her perfect abs when we met (plus the eyes were mainly hiding behind sunglasses)