Saturday, September 10, 2011

I will be the most favorite aunt

Today was the baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law.  My baby brother will be a dad in early 2012 which completely blows my mind.  I will be auntie Ginny.  I plan on being the "cool" aunt as well as most favorite aunt.  Yes, I used most favorite because adding most before favorite means you beat everyone else.

The baby shower was actually pretty fun.  I dislike any type of shower besides the getting clean kind.  I don't enjoy sitting around watching someone else open fifty gifts.  If I have a shower I promise to open the gifts as quickly as possible. 

Most of my family was in attendance and as per usual it's almost impossible for a Stanton to make a normal face.

 My cousin Ian.

 Very mature bro.

We also had a baby making competition.  We passed out clay and there were prizes for the best baby.  The results were pretty amusing.  I abandoned my clay baby at the venue.

My brother leaves tomorrow morning and I won't seem again until 2012 and by then the baby will have arrived.  It seems like just yesterday that I was using him as my nail polish tester.  He would kill me if he found out I posted that on my blog.

I'm meeting up with my cousin later tonight and we're going to get our dance on to the sounds of Booty Vortex.  I don't know much about them but you have to be awesome if your band name is Booty Vortex.  I think this calls for gold sparkly shoes!

Now go get yo weekend on readers.


  1. That is an awesome band name, you'll have to let us all know how they are. And congrats on almost being an auntie! My best is having her first child and chose me to be the godmother so i understand how excited you are! Sounds like the baby shower was a lot of fun too! :-)

  2. Nice babies. Really. I think they are very nice. And have you checked your brother's TOEnails?

    You never know. Just sayin'.

  3. @Kayleigh - congrats on Godmother status!

    @wagthedada - no need to check any toenails, feet gross me out.