Friday, September 23, 2011

Sorry mom

Last night I went out with two of my co-workers.  We tried other bars but ended up back at Whiskey's.  Shocker.  I stopped by Wendy's on my way home because I'm lazy and had no food at my house.  A homeless guy was sitting outside begging for food.  I don't usually give beggars money but when they ask for food I usually get them something.  The guy was so happy when I handed him a cheese burger and drink.  I felt good for the rest of the night.

So my mother called me at work and apparently had no idea that I was even dating someone, forget having a boyfriend.  Sorry mom.  I could have sworn that she knew I was at least dating someone.  My brother was teasing me the whole time he was visiting.  My mother was completely oblivious.  She may have had a mini freak out on the phone.  "Next thing I know, I come over to visit you and you're like hey mom, here's my husband.  I got married, didn't you know?  It was a really nice wedding.  I thought you knew about it?"  Calm it down mom.  If you were on facebook you would have known I had a boyfriend.  (Kidding, I'm totally fine with you not being on facebook).

Tonight I'll be heading out with my partner in crime Melissa.  I believe Dave will be coming along too and will get to experience the Tavern.  It's like introducing him to my family.  My bar family.  God that sounds lame.

I think I need to start up yoga or pilates again.  I was not feeling so hot in the dress I wore yesterday.  It's much easier to be productive when you think you look fly.


  1. I'm here when you want local access to great yoga/pilates DVD's and a pole to work (for fitness, not training purposes of course) Do it in lieu of happy hours!

  2. Whenever a homeless person asks me for money, I never give it. Once i was on my way to McDonalds and there was a guy outside begging for money, i just bought him a happy meal.

    I feel bad not giving money, and im sure not all of them are going to spend it on "bad" things, but you just never know.

  3. @m&c - you got the pole in your place?! I totally need to try it out ha ha.

    @Kayleigh - that's why I prefer to buy them food.