Wednesday, September 21, 2011

$12.00 ice? No thanks.

This day was loooong.  I ended up working late and I was already super tired.  I shouldn't complain though because the attorneys work way more hours than I do.  They also get paid more.  I prefer making less money and not working super long hours.  I also prefer being busy rather than twiddling my thumbs all day and right now we are Busy with a Capital B.

On my way home I ran into my friend Sully on the T.  I don't see her that often so it was nice to catch up since I pretty much never see her anymore.

I didn't even talk about last night in my earlier post because I was too distracted by sushi.  After work I met up with the boyfriend for a few drinks.  My co-workers were going to Whiskey's, as per usual, but Dave wanted to try Towne.  I was fine with a change of pace and didn't even mention my co-workers were going to Whiskey's until we got to Towne.  Dave felt bad that I wasn't hanging out with my co-workers.  I told him I see them for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, I think we see each other plenty.  Dave orders his usual drink (Johnny Walker on the rocks) and it's all ice!  Towne is suppose to be this classy bar and they can't get a simple drink like that right?  Dave plucks some ice out and puts it on a napkin.  We get the bill and the ice with a dash of Johnny Walker was $12.00!  Is this for real?  It's only $6.00 at Whiskey's and they know how much ice to put in it.  No thanks Towne, you can keep you pricey ice and sucky appetizer selection.

I wonder if the boyfriend reads my blog.  I don't think he does but he knows I blog.  He also knows my twitter handle so he could easily find it.  If you're reading, hi Dave! 

Bed time for this girl.



    Alcohol thieves.

  2. Those, "I wonder if they read my blog" thing are always really interesting. $12 ice? Nooot so much.


  3. yea, thats a bit ridiculous. I went to a bar the other day ordered a tequila cranberry and orange juice for 11 bucks that tasted like a mix of vodka and gin.

    We ended up leaving it on the bar and walking out because the guy was a dick about and the drink was making me sick. I should have puked on the bartender.

  4. If I'm buying a $12 drink, it better look like this: