Friday, September 16, 2011

We put the fun in function.

Last night we had a little bachelorette party for my co-worker Carrie.

There she is in the leopard.  

We started with drinks and apps at Joe's American Bar and Grill.  We drank giant glasses of sangria which were pretty tasty.  I'm officially retiring sangria until next summer.

After Joe's we moved on to Whiskey's where Dave joined us.  Hopefully my co-workers didn't scare him too bad.  We tried to use the photo booth but it was broken!  Sad times. 

I'm super lucky to work with such awesome people.  They keep me entertained throughout the day.


  1. Sangria should never be retired...

  2. Looks like fun. That's great that you have such good co-workers!

  3. How can I rock such cool photos without instagram? Ditto for the ones on your "roughing it" post

  4. @kathy - They really are awesome

    @m & c - I'm addicted to it! Can't wait for coffee next week!

  5. Sangria is delicious! The Sangria they have at my work place is bomb!