Saturday, October 22, 2011

Please respond so I know you're alive

I get very very annoyed when someone does not respond to a text.  I get paranoid and run a million scenarios through my head.  They didn't get my text, they died, they suddenly hate me and don't want to tell me, I've offended them somehow via text.  Do you not understand that this drives me bonkers and stresses me out?!

You're lucky I'm still full of delicious Korean fried chicken from last night or I would be way more annoyed.

Also, do I have any readers from here?  According to my stats that site is one of my top referrers but I can't figure out how.  I'm not on that site and never have been so I wonder what's going on.


  1. I hate that when people don't respond to texts and you're just stuck worrying.

  2. @Jes - ha ha oh yes very.

    @Kathy - it really stresses me out

  3. especially when you've asked a specific question... that's really annoying

  4. Don't you love mystery hits?! Hope you figure it out!