Sunday, October 23, 2011

Korean fried chicken and Charlie the crasher squirel

I tried two new restaurants this weekend.  Have you ever had Korean fried chicken?  It's pretty much the best thing ever!  I met up with my former roommates and some friends to try out BonChon.  Apparently BonChon is a popular chain restaurant in South Korea and they just recently started opening up restaurants in the U.S.  Load up on fried chicken and sushi if you see one.

Next stop was Myung Dong. The menus here were awesome.  And Charlie photo bombs.

We tried Soju which is Korean vodka.  Apparently we ordered one with ginseng so that makes it healthy right?  It kind of tasted like sweet grass.  Not that I eat grass on the regular.  Oh and the music here?  Korean pop videos.  Korean pop videos = awesome.

Halloween party #1 was on Saturday night.  My killah bee costume was a hit, especially with a little boy there.  "Did you know the killer bee is the most deadly bee in the world?!"  God he was adorable.  I didn't get a very good pic of my costume but I have another Halloween party to go to so I'll make sure to get a better shot then.  This fake blood is hard to get off though.  What a pain!

I'm getting ready to watch Once Upon a Time.  I've been pretty disappointed with this years fall line up but I'm a sucker for anything fairytale related.


  1. Mmmm, I love Korean Fried Chicken. I haven't had it in ages though!

  2. Hate to say this again but Korean Fried Chicken is delicious, BonChon is delicious. In Koreatown here in NYC KyoChon is right down the block from BonChon and I kind of like it better though.

    Ugh I'm hungry now.

  3. I must try this KyoChon! I have a Korean chicken problem.