Friday, November 4, 2011

Carb fest

I'm half asleep and shoving a bagel in my mouth.  Carbs and I are bffs when I'm tired.  The guys at the venture capitalist firm on our floor invited us out for drinks last night.  They are all married with kids but man can they hang!  We had delicious pizza at the Salty Pig and then moved on to Clerys for a few and then I went with Megan back to her place and sat on her stoop with her three dogs.  I was holding Carter like he was a cat.  He thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am one tired lady this morning.

I was tweeting back and forth with my friend Chris on the T this morning.  I met him at an AFI show a  few years ago and we chased their bassist Hunter down the street for an autograph.  He recently moved to California and he enjoys tweeting at Devon Sawa almost as much as I do.  The whole point of this little story is that I love twitter and I love how it keeps me connected to people.  Sure there's texting but texting doesn't have hashtags or Devon Sawa.  Chris is a big fan of my hashtags.  You should follow him because of all these things and because he'll probably wonder where all these new followers came from. @chrisautomatica

In my tired state I found this quote from Sara extremely funny.

"We went on a date and rode a roller coaster. I guess I even take things slow in my dreams. :) "

Still finding this hysterical.  Happy Friday!


  1. I can comment on your posts now because I got Google Chrome!

    Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :)

    I guess if our roller coaster ride was like that one Reese Witherspoon movie, it could have been taking things really fast. Luckily, I'm a total prude in real life and dreamlife.

  2. Ahhhh! #welcometothecommentparty. And nice Fear drop ha ha. Love that movie.