Thursday, November 3, 2011

You know the Latin?

I actually have a whole post planned that has nothing to do with the Kardashians.  I was going to wait to post until tomorrow because I'm not a big fan of overloading readers (because I know my blog is so popular) but then I thought, screw it.  I can post twice in one day!  Let's get crazy!

It has been freezing here in Boston.  I'm not prepared at all for winter.  I have plenty of coats and scarves but mentally I'm not ready.  I was waiting for Dave to pick me up at the T stop the other night and I was so cold I was shaking.  Five more months of this awesome weather.  Ugh.

Tuesday nights has become trivia night.  I meet up with Dave and his friends and share my knowledge of pop-culture and literature.  Dave somehow knows a lot of Latin.  I like my boyfriends smart.  He also uses proper grammar.  Where did I find this one?  Our team won Tuesday night which was kind of a shocker because we thought we were doing horrible.  Free appetizer coupons and Fridays pins for all!

Tried to get to bed early last night but Law and Order sucked me in for a bit.

Tonight I'm heading out with co-workers for a little drinky drink.  Look at that it's almost the weekend!


  1. L&O was pretty good last night. Your BF knows Latin, and has good grammar? That's a keeper for sure :) I pretend that I know Latin, but I only know a few phrases. I am, however, fluent in pig latin!

  2. Pig Latin can be very useful!