Friday, November 11, 2011

Not getting the hint

Happy Veterans Day!  Do you say Happy Veterans Day? I have no idea but I'm saying it. I'm working today but it should be pretty quiet. Saying that will probably bite me in the ass later.

I went to bed super early last night after watching some of the new season of Tough Love. Love me some Steve Ward. There are some real treats this season. I think Christine and Michelle are my favorites. They need to do a Tough Love with men. I would watch it and there are plenty of guys who could use some help.

So this happened yesterday but I have to share. I loath telemarketers. Does anyone like telemarketers? I understand it's their job so I try to be civil but there is a certain line that you just don't cross. Cross that line and civil Ginny turns into imma rip yo face Ginny. I was covering the front desk for a few minutes and a guy calls asking to speak with someone in our office. I thought it was one of those robots that calls with a recorded message so I hung up. It honestly sounded like a machine. He couldn't even pronounce a simple name right. I won't say my co-workers name but let's just say it was something like Jessica. Who doesn't know how to say Jessica! After I hang up the guy calls back. Oops, not a robot but why are you calling back? He keeps going on about some kind of plaque. We get these calls all the time. "I see Attorney Jones was listed as one of the top Attorneys in (insert random magazine here) would you like a plaque saying that?" I say no thank you and hang up. The guy calls back again! I pick up and say quite forcefully "we are not interested!"  The guy keeps going on and on and asks if the email he has is the correct e-mail for the attorney. I don't even know what e-mail he rattled off but I said yes and hung up.  He calls back again and I just pick up the phone and hang up with out saying anything.  WTF.

Back to Veterans Day.  My cousin tweeted this pic of her father (my uncle) today and when I saw it I almost started crying because it looks a lot like my dad.  My uncle is now a fire fighter but was drafted as my cousin says "back in the day".

I'd also like to give a shout out to my not so little anymore brother Sean who is currently in the Air Force.  Love ya bro!

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