Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sister Wives. I finally get to see what all the fuss is about.

My new routine when I come home is make dinner, eat Christmas cookies (it's never too early for Christmas cookies) and watch Sister Wives. I don't have cable so I've been out of the Sister Wives loop. I just saw it pop up on Netflix instant and,well, there goes any chance of me being productive when I get home.

At first I was like, well this isn't so bad. They seem pretty happy and they do raise a few positive points about their life style, my favorite being that they always have someone else around to watch their kids. Sign me up! But the more I watch the crazier it gets. When Kody (with a K!  Really?) starts "courting" Robyn (because apparently this show is from the olden times) that's when things start getting real interesting.

All the sister wives claim that they like Robyn and are fine adding wife number 4 but they get real jealous real fast. When Christine finds out that Kody kissed Robyn when they got engaged she starts crying because he didn't kiss her until they were standing at the alter. New flash Christine. Kody is kind of a jerk.

As the season goes on I like Kody less sand less. I could tolerate him in the first two episodes but now I can't stand him. When his first wife Meri asks him how he would feel if she married another guy just to try to explain to him what she's going through, Kody flips out and basically tells her that he can't even think about that because that's just immoral and wrong. My brain pretty much exploded. Oh the words I would say to this dude if I met him in person.

Other things that bother me about Kody:  the fact that he pressures his wives into having more children, the fact that while wife #3 is in labor he's asking her doctor about invitro for wife #1, his stupid hair.

 You are not a 13 year old boy and you're balding!

So I guess the poly life is out for me. I am very ok with that. I'm really tired this morning due to hangs with Melissa last night. We stayed up late watching videos on youtube and going on Chatroulette. Had to try it out at least once. Kind of fun but creepy at the same time.  I think once was enough for me. Can't wait to be home in my bed!


  1. Ive only watched a few episodes of this show, but it skeeves me the fuck out. lol
    There is no way i would ever be able to share my husband with other woman

  2. Yeah, that hair needs to go. Not entirely, but he needs something significantly less douchey.

  3. Douchey is the perfect word for that hair cut.