Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Out of my hands

My car made it to the auto body shop.  I got a little worried there because it was doing this shaking thing that was freaking me out a little.  It's out of my hands now though.  Everyone at the shop was really nice.  I should have my car back in about a week.  No rental car since I live in Boston and have two feet and a T pass.

I had to take a bus to the red line to the green line to get to work from the auto body shop.  The red line was super packed.  I'm not normally claustrophobic but I wanted off that train.  I'm much more pleased now that I have a mini cinnamon bun in my mouth.

The weather is awesome today!  We may even hit 70!  I highly suggest you go pants-less while you still can.  Mother nature is wacky in the North East.


  1. The weather is so weird! Also, I would like to be eating a cinnamon bun or out frolicking in the sun.

  2. I hope nothing too major is wrong with your car!

  3. @Liz - you can have it all Liz! Don't worry I'm stuck inside most of the day.

    @huginacup - me too. We shall see. Fingers crossed.