Thursday, December 15, 2011

1997 Ginny is making a comeback

Oh God I'm turning into 1997 Ginny. The Ginny who listens to M2M, S Club 7, 5ive and B*Witched. Normally 1997 Ginny only comes out when she's drunk but now she's coming out totally sober!

If it was on the Disney Channel in the late 90s I was blasting it in my room and dancing around like young teens do. Please keep in mind that I think this is way better quality than the music currently being played on the Disney Channel. Do they still show music videos on the Disney Channel? I'm old and it's been a long time. All I know is I that Miley does not compare to M2M.

Bonnie, do you remember singing your little teenage heart out to this? Now you have babies and I work for a law firm. WTF right?


  1. I apparently never stopped being 1997 Ginny because M2M is da best.

    I wonder whatever happened to those hobags.

    Excuse me while I Google it.

  2. PS. Don't say you love me, you don't even know me.

  3. I wish I was still who I was in the 90's sometimes.

  4. I love that you just said S Club 7. I used to love them!

  5. Hhahaha Bwitched was one of the first cds I bought. Yes, I still listen to it. C'est la vie!

  6. Did you ever watch the S club 7 show? I remember it used to be on Saturday mornings after that show hosted by Fergie's first group Wild Orchid.

  7. @Sassy - I think one of them sang a song with meatloaf recently? Or did I dream that because that seems weird.

    @Mark - it would be nice to go back just for a little bit.

    @Tits - Ain't no party like an S club party!

    @Gia - solid first CD choice

    @Jes - oh yes I did!!!

  8. B*Witched was the freaking bomb. YouTube it is! (1997 Cherie tends to come out frequently, so don't be ashamed of your bad self!)