Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bring on the vampires and the margaritas!

Today is the day that I finally see the cinematic masterpiece known as Breaking Dawn. I'm going with two of my best ladies Germana and my cousin Alexis. Will the vampire human sex scene live up to my expectations? Probably not but who cares. After the movie we'll be partaking in Margaritas. Unlimited chips and salsa. If only there were unlimited margaritas. Scratch that, that would be bad.

This is shaping up to be a fantastic Sunday.

P.S. - Just watched Lady Ga Ga's Marry the Night video. Um I don't really know what the heck goes on in that girls head. And what is up with that accent? It's just weird. No one talks like that.


  1. GaGa (when she was Stefani) went to a performing arts high school. Those kids are always weird. She's one of the more extreme examples, though. :)

    You'll have to let me know if the movie is as horrible as I imagine, since there is no way I'll be watching it ever without being strapped into a Clockwork-Orange-style contraption.

  2. Oh man, my jacket still smells like onion from my tacos. I'm sure Andy appreciated my onion breath during Dexter last night as well. Good noms <3

  3. I tried watching the Gaga video but it lost me after 3 minutes. Too. Long.