Monday, December 5, 2011

Thoughts on Breaking Dawn. Need more humans.

  • Edward is still making ridiculous faces but what happened to Jasper's faces? He really stole the show with those faces in the first movie.
  • Bella's wedding dress was nice in the back but I did not like the front. 
  • Make out session at the alter is not necessary.
  • I think the speeches at the wedding were the best part of the whole movie. Way better than the sex scene. #teamhumans #teamjessica #teamcharlie
  • Poor Jacob I mean seriously. He can cry his wolfie tears in my arms any time.
  • They did a good job making K. Stew look like crap. She was suppose to look like crap so yeah good job. 
  • Vampire teeth c-section was kept in the movie which is kind of funny considering how little (as in no) blood they showed in the other movies.
I lost the excitement for these movies after the first one. I've moved on to Hunger Games which is a million times better anyways.


  1. I AM NEVER HAVING CHILDREN (at least not by vampire C-section)!

  2. You missed the fact that the baby was more alien than hybrid. You think with all the technology they have, they could have done a better job than big eyed creepy doll looking thing.

  3. I haven't seen this movie yet but it sounds like a royal trainwreck... I must watch it! Haha.

  4. I agree with all of this except for Lautner crying anywhere near me. Unless there is a paper bag over his head and his shirt is off. Then? Maybe.

  5. Didn't the baby just look like a normal baby? I thought it was just a normal baby. God that movie was so shit.

  6. Yeah the baby did not look like how I expected. Harley the baby is a half human half vamp that grows super fast but then stops growing so it's like a lady child. I'm probably not explaining this well at all.

  7. I completely am on only teams Charlie, Jessica, and humans. I also really like Beller's mom, who I guess is human.