Sunday, December 18, 2011

Well that was quite the weekend.

I'm typing this post while stretching out my new pair of jeans. Dave got them for me for Christmas. I'm always complaining about my jeans falling off me so Dave suggested that maybe I should buy a size down than my usual size. That boy is smart. I'm very scared of the muffin top so I think I tend to buy a little loose. So now I'm sitting in my new jeans that are a tiny bit snug so I can stretch them out a bit. I should probably calm it down on the cookies too.

The rest of the weekend went by really fast and I felt like I was barely home. We all know what happened to me Friday, super massive hangover day. Well Friday night was my cousin's birthday. We went to an Armenian restaurant to celebrate and I had some really good swordfish kabobs. That is until I got home and had a horrible acid reflux attack. I was in a lot of pain and nothing was stopping the heartburn. I took a ton of medicine and just sat in bed clutching my pillow and rocking back and forth. It's really hard to explain how bad this hurts until you've experienced it yourself. I didn't fall asleep until about 3 a.m. and it was not a restful sleep as I was sleeping sitting up.

Saturday I was tired and still not feeling 100% but I had to go to my grandmother's Christmas party. I ate some food and was doing ok. Later that night I met up with Dave where we went to dinner and then watched movies at his place. During Hannah the reflux was making a comeback. I started panicking because who wants to be sick away from home? I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to lay down and go to sleep. Dave could tell something was wrong and I told him that the reflux was back. I had taken so much Zantac I'm surprised I didn't end up being dragged down the hall by my boyfriend after od'ing a la Violet in American Horror story. I was so glad that when I laid down it didn't get worse and I could go to sleep.

I think I freaked Dave out because I don't think he realized how bad my reflux can be. I told him that I've gone to the emergency room for it before and that's true. If it gets bad enough I start vomiting (not by force it just happens) because it hurts my chest and at that point I go to the hospital before I get dehydrated and to stop the pain. I'm like an 80 year old woman. It's pretty awesome.

So, you still with me? Well while this is going on my brother texts me to tell me that his dog bit his friend's daughter in the face and she had to get 15 stitches. My brother had to bring him to the pound and he has to be quarantined for 9 days. After that they can take him back but have to find him a new home. I really hope someone takes him. He's a great dog for someone that has no other pets or children. With my sister-in-law due next month they can't risk him going after the baby. Plus he went after another dog before so they were pretty much told that they have to get rid of the dog (they live on base). I'm really sad about this because I met Maverick and he was so sweet to me and my mom and her boyfriend. I don't want to see him put down. They are lucky though that the girl is going to be ok and that her parents were so understanding. They feel horrible for the little girl and don't want anything like that to happen to another kid. It's just so sad. Maverick is probably so confused and doesn't like being left alone and I know my brother will be heartbroken if he has to be put down. I also hope that the little girl doesn't grow up being scared of dogs. She's two so hopefully she won't remember being attacked.

This is a very long post so if you've read all of this you are seriously a dedicated reader. I put a mini tree up that my mom gave me because that's what mom's do. It's really cute and small which is perfect since I live in a shoebox.


  1. UGH I have acid reflux too (though it manifests differently) and it's SO unpleasant.

    Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's dog! That's always a tough situation. I hope it gets rehomed :(

  2. He would be a good dog for a couple or a single person that doesn't have kids or has teenagers. He's really good with adults it's just young kids and other pets that he doesn't do well with.

    Sorry you have to deal with acid reflux too. It sucks.

  3. I'm sorry you've been feeling so sick, hopefully you'll feel better in time for Christmas. And I really hope they find a home for his dog.

  4. This past summer, my wife and I were watching her mom's dog. Well the visiting dog started a fight with our dog, in the midst of breaking up the fight my wife got the top part of her middle finger bitten off by our dog. We ended up having to put our dog down. It was the worst experience ever and I hope your brother finds somewhere for this dog.

    Also, sorry you were feeling ill. I have a super weak stomach and get ill like once a week. It is misery.