Thursday, December 22, 2011

New laptop and a possible future appearance on hoarders.

I finally got a new laptop! It's a party up in here!

Watch out, I now have a built in webcam.

I brought the new laptop home Monday and you would think that I would have been blogging my little heart out but I spent most of my time adding music to my ipod. I've been listening to the same music for months since I was using a borrowed laptop and didn't want to upload all my music onto it. Now I'm in musical ipod bliss.

Work has been busy and I'm not done Christmas shopping. I keep thinking that I have more time and then I look at the date and realize, no I really do not have more time. Stop playing with your new laptop and taking fake party pictures and get some shopping done!

Well I did do some shopping...for myself. But I really needed new underwear and then there were ruffles on a pair and damn you Victoria's Secret for making cute underwear! Tomorrow I will finish. My building is attached to a mall which helps.

Speaking of shopping my mother is going crazy with buying toys. She doesn't plan on giving them to children she's going to save them so she can sell them years from now when they go up in value. Or so she says. She asked me if there were Lady Ga Ga dolls because apparently she thinks that's going to be a good one to save.

I'm going to be that crying adult child on hoarders aren't I?


First day of winter and it's in the 50s here in Boston. Wha? The weather has been very abnormal this fall. I'm use to freezing my ass off by now.

Company floor party is today. Should be interesting. I'm in charge of picking out wine and beer. I'm bringing my co-worker Megan with me to help because she actually knows what wine is good. I just go by which label on the bottle is the most fun.


  1. Hahha "I brought the laptop home Monday" sounds like its a baby. But in a way, it is your baby..

    Lady Gaga dolls are a GREAT idea. Sorry, side with your mom on that one.

  2. My mother collected the McDonald's Happy Meals toys when I was a kid. Sometimes we had to eat McDonalds for all 3 meals.

    I just now realized why I hate McDonalds.

  3. @Gia - oh it is my baby. Now I just need a name fore my new baby. I'm sure some items would be worth something but I think she's going a little overboard with the amount of things she thinks is going to be big money.

    @Ally - um my mother collected them too! Well she was "saving them" for us. We had buckets full. So many Fragle Rock and hamburger shaped transformers.

  4. The weather has been warm here too, which I actually like because snow causes me to wreck my car.

    My older sister used to have a thing with collecting toys that may be valuable one day, but I think she gave up on that (thank God).

    Congrats on the new laptop and implementation of new music. I've been listening to the same stuff forever, too, but only cuz I'm too lazy to add more. It's bad.