Friday, December 2, 2011

Where I talk about my love for New Hampshire. True story!

You're probably wondering why I'm even writing this post and that's all the more reason to write it. I'm not from New Hampshire but it's quite nice living below the Granite State. New Hampshire is like that relative that you sometimes get sent to when your parents need a break and when you come back you've got fireworks and a sugar high and you talk about all the cool things you got to do that you're not allowed to do at home. It's pretty much awesome but you'd probably lose it if you lived there all the time.

New Hampshire's state motto is "Life Free or Die" and if there was an award for the state that most lived up to it's motto New Hampshire would win. Ask any person who grew up in Massachusetts where they went on vacation as a kid and I guarantee New Hampshire will be right up there with Maine and Cape Cod. Kids love it because they can run wild in the woods or go to one of the many ghetto amusement parks.  Six Gun City anyone?  That place was the shit!

Note this is not me or my brother because we didn't look half as cool when we took this picture and no one needs to see my bad hair cut and pre-braces Madonna gap. Nice whip kid. Only in NH folks. pic source

So while the kids tear it up at ghetto amusement parks and run around in random streams and pick leeches off their bodies (true story and I learned my lesson about playing in unknown streams. That lesson is let your brother go first to check for leeches) the adults do massive amounts of shopping. There is no sales tax in New Hampshire so you buy all you can and haul your tax free purchases back to Massachusetts. This also goes for cartons of cigarettes and booze because they are way cheaper in New Hampshire. Hit up the New Hampshire State liquor store my friends and you will be one happy camper.  Oh and don't forget to stock up on fireworks because we all know you aren't getting any of that in Mass.

Other things New Hampshire doesn't care about.

seat belts
car insurance
strict gun laws

Honey badger don't care!

Some states carve faces into the side of their mountains.  New Hampshire just had one naturally.

Yes his face did fall off in 2003 and people set up a memorial because that's how important this was. I have many pictures of me smiling like a big dork with him in the background.

Awesome things I got to do in New Hampshire:
  • caught my own fish and ate them (I did not gut them because I was 12 and that grossed me out)
  • jumped off a water fall
  • brought trash to a dump where there was a sign that says "please keep our dump klean"
  • slid down a natural rock slide
  • picked leeches off my body from unknown stream (as mentioned above)
  • zip lined
  • hit a deer with a tennis ball (not on purpose)
  • lit off massive amounts of fire works
  • seen 3 bears
  • chased wild bunnies
  • got attacked by a wasp's nest
  • hiked mountains
  • drank from a natural spring 
So New Hampshire is pretty great. I love living in Massachusetts but sometimes it's nice to go to New Hampshire and get a little crazy with the no state sales tax and fireworks.

Live Free or Die bitches!

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  1. I have never given New Hampshire a single thought when considering vacation destinations.

    Now, I have the overwhelming urge to go there.

    I will not be going into any unknown streams though.