Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things I do not like: the Christmas music and facebook addition

Christmas music:  I'm sorry but it's the same songs over and over and over. I hear them once and I've had my fill for the year. There are people that absolutely lose it over Christmas music. "Oh my God I can finally listen to my Christmas music! This is the best day of my life! JINGLE BELLS FOREVER!"  Straight line face from me :| when that happens.

Facebook's new article thingy that I don't know what to call it:  Oh you trick me facebook. I see a friend has read an article and I'm like "hmmm well that looks interesting I should read that" and facebook is all "if you want to read this you have to have it plastered all over facebook that you've read this. Otherwise all your friends will think you are illiterate and can't read." Well facebook, I'm not sharing. Not everything needs to be known or shared despite what you think.

Hippie ex-boyfriends:  Talking with some of my favorite blogger friends the topic of ex-boyfriends came up.  More specifically how many of us have dated a hippie. My suggestion is that if you see a dude wearing a bandanna like a headband and he plays the banjo run RUN FAR AND FAST. If you're thinking you must have missed out by not having ever dated a hippie think again.

The cat's WWF or WCW or whatever the heck you call it, let's go with UFC fights:  My cats like to play and their favorite way to play is to wrestle each other at 6 a.m.  They're running back and forth, rolling on the floor, knocking crap over. When I am tired and hungover I can't deal. I yell at them like that will get them to stop "what did I tell you! I told you to cut it out!" Surprisingly they ignore me. This is also their passive aggressive way to wake me up so I'll feed them. I'm the only passive aggressive one allowed in this house cats!

Not having chips right now:  I don't think I need to explain this.

Wow It feels good to let the cranky old lady inside of me out every once in a while.


  1. I do enjoy Christmas music but dont seem to be as in the mood this year as in years prior. It seems too overwhelming, every station is doing it now.

    That Facebook article thing sucks! It tried to suck me in a few times but I wasnt going out like that.

    My cat jumps up in the banister in front of my door and mewls like mad. Or she'll dash up and down the halls like she's being chased.

  2. Ok, so I am totally one of those Christmas music loving people. However, I realize a lot of people don't share my zeal so I only listen to it when I am by myself. It is a private joy.

    And now I am upset about not having chips too.

  3. Christmas Music: I can take it, I'd just rather it came on closer to Christmas.

    Facebooks new crap: I'm with you there. I was going to read something, saw that, and thought "Nah".

    Hippie ex-boyfriends: A lot of girls are attracted to that almost instantly. Guitar=girls. Most girls break the spell though and realise what they've been going out with.

    Cats fighting: I don't like it when my cats fight either, but it seems mostly playful.

    Not having chips: I can live with that.

  4. @mcgarrygirl - Even if you close the door they will annoy you. They're lucky that they're cute.

    @Ally - This does not annoy me because you don't demand for others to listen.

    @Mark - I'm glad I grew out of that phase and no longer date asshole hippies. My cats are playing 90% of the time it's just loud when I'm trying to sleep.

  5. Just ask and I'll send you my "un-Xmas" playlist. It's full of things that are Christmas-y but not ye olde carols.

  6. My problem with the social reader is that while I'm totally cool with everyone knowing that I'm reading up on international news or even updates to the DC Metro system, nobody needs to know that I read the article about Miley Cyrus. (Which, I didn't, but mostly because I knew it would show up on my wall if I clicked it and I didn't care enough to google it / seek it out beyond the confines of social reader.)

    Hippies are sweet, but unsustainable. If you don't heed Ginny's advice, at least know that your relationship is doomed to fail.