Friday, February 10, 2012

Cats are not cheap and they don't care.

Bosco had his dental surgery yesterday. My vet called me when he was through and said he did well and explained what he did. He cleaned his teeth and had to pull four of them. Oh and he has a tape worm! I knew it. I told him to check for worms because I googled his symptoms and everything pointed to a tape worm. Apparently he somehow somewhere ate a flea. He doesn't have fleas but he ingested one and got a tape worm. Both cats do not go outside but there are dogs in my building and I have let them out in the hall outside my door as a little adventure. He also could have ingested a flea from a mouse. I haven't seen a mouse but this is an old building.

The total cost of this vet trip: $1,350.00. Just typing that out makes me want to vomit.

I had a good cry after I got off the phone with the vet because that's what I do when I get really angry or really sad or really happy. I can totally relate to Kristen Bell on that. Just when I think I'm getting back on my feet something comes along that empties my bank account. I know I'm not the only one this happens to but this is my blog so woe is meeeeeeeee!!! My mother has offered to pay for the hotel room when we go to visit my brother and baby Hunter which is really nice of her. I just need to scrape up money for the plane ticket.

I need to list a few things that are good right now so I don't flip out.
  • the guy at the corner store being super nice.
  • the giant bag of Reese's Pieces I bought.
  • the cats don't have fleas.
  • it's super nice out yesterday.
Also, cute vet kitty. My vet has two cats that live in the office. They just hang out in their little beds and kitty towers or right on the front desk.

 Hey! I'm trying to write a check here fluffers.

Bosco is doing good. He's was sleepy when he got back. The vet tech said he was the sweetest cat and when they put him on a little blanket when he was waking up he started being all cute and kneading it with his paws.

Look at all the meds I have for him! Ugh, crazy. The vet expects me to force pills down his throat multiple times a day. My mom told me to wet the meds and then mush it in with food. The medicine for the tape worm must be gross because both cats would not touch it in their food so I had to hold them down and make them take it which was awful. Luckily that is done until two weeks when they need it again. The other pill that I can't sprinkle in food I crushed up and hid in deli turkey. Bosco ate it up no problem. I also have to squirt pain meds in his mouth. After he takes it he looks nuts. His eyes get all huge and he stares off into space. It's really funny.

No if only I could get a medicine for wallet pain?

Ok after this, I will stop talking about cats so much, I swear.


  1. Yikes!! I TOTALLY posted about how I want a cat today but I don't think I can afford one.

    Thank you for proving my point!

  2. Oh my God. OH MY GOD! Ginny!! Over a grand!! I'm freaking out here! Bring your cat to my vet! It'd probably be cheaper even including the plane ticket! Holy crap!

  3. That bill sounds like a catastrophe, over $300 a tooth....what are they solid gold or something?

  4. WOW! That is ridiculous! I don't know if I'd fly all the way to see Harley, but I would certainly invest some money in finding a cheaper vet. I had to....vets in Fargo are super expensive, but an hour away they are much more reasonable. So much so that it makes up for the gas and time spent to and from the vet and then some! I'm glad your cat will be okay though.

    1. I need to find someone cheaper. It is ridiculous

  5. Woah, that is a LOT of money. But it's good to know your cat is better.

    1. he's doing good, even if my wallet isn't

  6. Oh my goodness. The things we will do for our animals seems extreme sometimes. I am glad your cat is feeling better though.

  7. Yeah, I know how you feel. My dog is definitely not cheap either.

  8. That vet bill makes ME want to vomit, too. I hope your kitty is doing better. :(