Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tips on how to be the best admin professional eva

Today is Administrative Professionals Day so if you are an admin you better demand lots of gifts. If you're worried that you might not be in the administrative professional spirit let me help you.

First - remember to smile.

It's really not that hard and will make you seem really professional.

Second - If you can't smile because you got too much botox or you just really hate your job then make a smile.

It's so easy and I'm so happy. You can't even tell the difference.

Now I'd like to share a list of people who I would gladly assist. 

Lady Ga Ga - you get to wear whatever you want to work and I feel like she would have a good stash of booze. You'd have to be ok with not wearing pants much because Ga Ga seems to frown on pants.

Bill Gates - Boring but he'd probably pay you a crap ton of money.

Jillian Michaels - I'd be ripped! She might yell too much though.

Devon Sawa - duh,  I mean he's my future husband so I'd have to meet him somehow.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!!!

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  1. OMFG, Ginny - That's too funny. (BTW, I love Devon Sawa too... esp. with the tattoos.)

  2. I guess if you had botox, you would be best suited to being the Joker's assistant.

  3. Whoa! I forgot about Devon Sawa. Thanks for reminding me about Administrative Professional's Day: there are some kick ass ladies in our department that deserve some recognition (they don't need the painted smile.....most days).

  4. I can't decide if I'm an admin professional or not, but I think I'll demand gifts either way. I think if I smile while I do it, it just might work!

    Thanks for the heads up ;)

  5. Loving that smile, Ginny. Hilarious.

  6. Your little sad head with the drawn on smile! SO FUNNY! Love Elle xo