Thursday, May 24, 2012

A skill I wish I had (besides opening a beer bottle with my belly button)

My co-worker Lilly has an amazing skill. She can spot a professional athlete anywhere and she does not watch sports.

We were in Saks looking at sandals, well Lilly was because I can't afford a bobby pin at Saks, and this guy walks by us and I would have thought nothing of him but Lilly pointed him out.

Lilly: He plays for the Patriots.

Me: How do you know that?

Lilly: Well he's decked out in Patriots gear and I can just tell.

Me: This is Boston, there are tons of people decked out in Patriots gear.

Now this guy was not a huge guy. He didn't necessarily look like a football player so that makes Lilly's skill even more impressive. When we get back to the office we look at the Patriots roster and figure out that it was Patrick Chung. Someone get this girl a cookie or something!

I told my former co-worker Brian about this as I know he's a sports fan.

Me: I saw Patrick Chung today in Saks.

Brian: Did you say anything to him?

Me: No, what would I even say?

Brian: How about "thanks for ruining my Super Bowl."

I'm pretty sure if Tom Brady walked by me I would be like hmmm that guy looks like Tom Brady. I would never think it actually was Tom Brady. I always doubt my celebrity stalking skills while Lilly can spot a football player in Saks.


  1. I wish I lived somewhere where spotting athletes was an option! :)

    1. I usually never run into anyone anyways.

  2. That is actually quite an impressive skill. Maybe she's secretly a sports fan.

  3. I once saw all the members of Our Lady Peace playing checkers at a table at a park. I know it was them because I was going to their concert later in the day.

    Oh, Canada.

    1. I LOVE Our Lady Peace. I would have died!!

  4. I can usually spot athletes in Atlanta whenever I see a 9 foot tall man in a jersey.

    But other than that, I'm lost.

    1. This guy was not really tall or big so I would have never known.

  5. Love the "thanks for ruining my super bowl."
    Wicked talent, too.

  6. I think the bottle opening bully button is a more marketable skill.