Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't eat too much catnip

I found a statue cat the other day.

I've seen this cutie before on the same porch. You don't see too many cats outside in my area. Lots of cats in windows because people like to keep their cats indoors since it's the city and people here drive like they're in the Fast and the Furious Boston drift.

It's been cooler here, right when I get my AC in. Melissa and I enjoyed some evening dinner and drinks and then we stole clippings of a spider plant from her boyfriend's porch. Apparently spider plants are non-toxic to cats. I'm really excited about this because I want plants but Mr. Binx likes to chew on them. I'm also growing some catnip and cat grass for the kitties. I sent my mom an email about this because I like to email my mother random things.

From: Virginia Stanton
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 12:51 PM
To: Robin Stanton
Subject: excitement

I got a spider plant clipping and apparently they are non toxic to cats so I can have a plant! Although I will probably hang it in the kitchen anyways. I’m also growing catnip and cat grass.

My mother's response: 

I don’t have a spider plant but have a couple of spiders…don’t eat too much catnip

Thanks for the advice mom.


  1. Even if I didn't kill every single plant I attempted to grow, I couldn't do catnip. Esme would OD...or I'd end up paying for rehab, which could get expensive.

  2. From what I know of your mom (that she brings you rubber duckies and gives you great advice) I love her!

  3. LOL that is hilarious. Your mom is my new favorite person.