Sunday, July 15, 2012

I do a killer whale impersonation

Today I imitated a whale in a pool. All you need is one noodle, some water in the noodle and then a deep breath to blow the water out of your imitation blow hole. Tony's granddaughter found this pretty funny and we were both spouting water in the pool. I then made her guess what type of whale I was.

I took some of my mom's yarn so I can start crocheting again. Unfortunately my whale imitation is better than my crocheting at the moment. I know the basics but want to try to crochet something besides another scarf.

I avoided french fries twice this weekend. I'm quite proud of myself. I had two salads for dinner instead and they were both really good. I drank some sangria and was pretty happy about that. I forgot that it exists and I was like, why am I not drinking that? I love sangria. I'd like to try to make it myself.

Now I'm waiting for my hair to dry so I can go to bed. I don't like sleeping with chlorine hair and the cats kept licking my legs like weirdos. Enjoy that chlorine skin guys.


  1. sounds like a lot goin on ha. i love salads, especially with salmon or chicken. much better than fries.

  2. I wonder if the chlorine is why they're licking you. My cat licks me on very very rare occasions. It usually ends with her biting me. I guess I taste nice? Good job with the whale impression :) Is it a killer whale impression, or a Killer Whale impression? O_o