Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ladies night

Ladies night started with wine and dancing to Nikki Minaj. We then took ladies night on the road (walking not driving) and bar hopped. A plumber started talking to Melissa and I. He really looked like a plumber. Someone needs to cast this guys as "plumber number 1" in a movie.

"Plumber number 1" asked us if we were single and we told him no. He asked us if he would have had a chance otherwise. Melissa was all "YEA!" In a very much not yea voice. I don't think "plumber number 1" noticed.

We moved across the street for a little dancing. The dj thought it was 2003. There is no need for a Shaggy song.

Last stop was the Tavern. I was arguing with some guy over pinot grigio.

"Pinot grigio does not exist!"

"Yes it does! You can buy it at any liquor store!"

I guess wine snobs are not fans of Pinot grigio. I don't care, I love it.

I had two cookouts to attend on Saturday and I was hung over zombie Ginny. I made it though and ate lots of food and drank lots of water.

Tonight I am going to watch the Spice Girls perform at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I'm really sad the Olympics are over but hey SPICE GIRLS!

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  1. Pino grigio exists my world. I check almost daily.