Friday, August 10, 2012

Sneaky snake.

My boyfriend is a sneaky snake.

Whenever we meet up somewhere he somehow manages to sneak up behind me and scare me. I think he's getting better at it too. Yesterday I was walking towards where we were suppose to meet and he caught me before I even made it to the meeting spot.

My reaction is either "you scared the crap out of me!" or "you sneaky snake!" I have no idea where I got the term sneaky snake or why I use it without even thinking about it.

I probably shouldn't even write this blog post because he's going to read this and try to find new ways to sneak up on me. Next thing you know he'll be dropping down out of a tree. Please don't do that.

I'm going to move on here before I give my boyfriend any more ideas.

I think my ipod nano is dying. The battery won't hold a charge and I'm sad. I've had this nano for about 5 years and I don't want another one! I do have an iphone but I prefer keeping my music separate because I'm paranoid about draining the battery on my phone. I listen to music a lot.

Maybe my ipod is rebelling because I downloaded that One Direction song. I'm sorry ipod. I'm SORRY.


  1. Your poor iPod, having that song on it. I've had my shuffle now for at the very least 7 years and it was already second hand. I'm amazed at how long the battery has lasted. I hope yours can live on a bit longer, I also hope that your boyfriend does not actually drop out of a tree. Or pop up through a manhole. Or call you to say he's coming from one direction so he can sneak up on the other. Or that he takes any of my ideas.

  2. Brilliant choice of song for you ipod. I think it's just exhausted from all the freaking out and excitement it gets from playing such an excellent choice.
    Maybe you should buy him a wooden snake. Then he would have someone to be sneaky with.

  3. Ginny, Sneaky Snake is a kick-ass song that Terra introduced quite a few of us to at last year's BiSC. Youtube it. :)


    1. Germana said this too but I don't think this is where I got it from. Maybe it was though and I'm losing my mind.