Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The great mail lady mystery

Back in the fall (Was it fall? Anyways, my point is - it's been a while) we noticed that our mail at work was being delivered to our box later and later. After calling the post office to find out what was going on we were told that we had a new mail carrier on our route so she was getting use to things. 

We spotted our mail lady on the sidewalk outside of our building sitting down having a smoke. It's stressful getting use to things, I understand but this was on a day when our mail was already really late. Megan snapped a picture and it now hangs above our mail key. (This was for our own personal amusement we did not give it to the post office).

The mail situation has not been improving. Mail is still often late and the other day we just didn't get any. This is not normal. We called the post office to investigate again and we were told that our mail lady didn't show up today. Great! So is anyone covering for her? Are we ever getting mail? This is why we should still use carrier pigeons.

Now our mail is getting here at a semi normal time BUT we're getting everyone else's mail too! Mail that does not have our company name, our floor number or even the right building. I was a little annoyed so I brought that pile down to the post office and politely told them that none of this was our mail.

What are the chances it just ends up back in our box? Bets, anyone?


  1. I get mail for people who don't even live in the same county. It's really odd sometimes. They should really have someone cover her if she doesn't make it, and by now she should probably be used to the route.

  2. Ha! Are you getting any Maxim subscriptions? I'm still getting Mr. Van Dyke's magazine! :) Mail is so frustrating. I agree with the carrier pigeons. Or owls like in Harry Potter.

  3. If it's bills, keep giving it back. If it's a check, keep it.

  4. Carrier pigeons? What are you on about. OWLS. It's all about owls.