Saturday, September 8, 2012

Car accident

I was in a car accident last night. I'm not hurt, just a bit shaken up.

It was about 2 a.m. when it happened. I wasn't drunk and strangely enough the police didn't even ask. The area where the accident occurred is near a couple local bars so I assumed they would ask.

I was driving down the street when I felt something slam into the passenger side of my car. Someone heard the crash and came out to ask if I was ok. He also kept asking me if I was drunk and to make sure I keep my story straight. I told him I was fine, that I was not drunk. He said this a few more times which had me wondering if he had been in a drunk driving accident before. Why would you keep asking me and telling me to keep my story straight? I asked him if he saw the accident and he said he did not. He just heard it.

The police were there before I even got out of my car. They were very nice. One cop told me to use my phone and take pictures of his car. I'm glad he reminded me to do that because I was a little scatter brained after the accident. The other driver was standing and walking around but then was put on a stretcher with a neck brace on. I didn't talk to him since the police were there so I have no idea what he claims happened.

My car got towed since my right tire was damaged. There was also something leaking from under my car, possibly break fluid.

I think what happened is that he was reversing into the street to pull out of a parking spot when I was driving down the street. All the damage is on the right front side and it seems his damage is on his back left side, near his bumper.

I'm hoping that it will be clear that I wasn't at fault. I think where the damage is on the cars should show that as well as where are cars ended up after the accident.

I called Derek once I got home because I was freaking out a bit. He calmed me down and I went to bed. I have a splitting head ache today, I'm sure from stress. I now have to go down to the police station and get the police report. I also need to find out where my car was towed to. I'm sure it's going to cost me a fortune to get it out and towed some where else. Who doesn't love unexpected expenses!

This is the second time in a year that someone has hit my car by reversing into it. I wasn't at fault for that accident either. Car accidents just suck. Plain and simple. This is why I'm eating some pizza before I do anything.


  1. I'm so glad you are ok (besides for being shaken up and the headache)! Car accidents suck and are stressful. Good luck with everything.

  2. That blows. Just try to relax the rest of the weekend. Also, pizza is the best cure for headaches from what I understand.

  3. Well I'm glad you're fine :) I haven't been in a car accident yet, thankfully. I'm in no real rush to get in to one either. It sounds like he is at fault here yes. You should be incredibly careful when reversing out, especially if it's dark out (which presumably it was at 2AM.)

  4. It's good that the accident was not your fault because a detailed recounting of what happened would have a clear reason for you to be covered financially for the claims. Besides, the police did a great job in documenting the scene through your phone. Perhaps you should visit your doctor if you still get headache or even a little dizziness.

  5. Thanks everyone. Now I'm just waiting to see what happens.

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  7. Good thing you didn’t get beaten up too badly by the accident. Sadly, the car didn’t fare too well. Did you take pictures of the accident? That would help if you would like to claim compensation. The pictures can serve as proof of what happened and help strengthen your case. And the claims would be a great help in getting the car examined and repaired.

  8. I’m glad that you are now feeling well after the incident. Truly, car crash and accidents can be a bit tough for drivers, not only financially but also emotionally. But the good news is you were able to snap a pic of cars and the damaged area, and have a full account of what really happened. It will be easier for you and the authorities to clear the air and resolve the issue.

  9. I agree with Rachel, the pictures you took can help determine who is really at fault. Good thing the cop reminded you what to do. You should keep that in mind, so that if you ever find yourself in it again (but I hope not), you would know what to do. Anyway, it is good to hear from you that you are all okay after the accident. Just always take care.