Monday, September 10, 2012

Creepy finds in Salem

I went to Salem on Sunday to celebrate Melissa's birthday. I haven't been to Salem in years. We walked around and went in any cool looking shop we passed by.

We found a ton of priceless treasures.

Creepy doll that will steal your soul. 

I think this lamp could really bring any room together. 

I did a double take when I walked by this shirt. I mean really? Talk about tacky.

I emailed this picture to Derek and he was a little freaked out thinking I actually bought this hat. No, I just like to try on hats that I would never actually wear. Also, always go into the army/navy store. So many fun hats.

And here's the birthday girl herself. We are so photogenic we could be part time models. 

We didn't do any of the historical sight seeing as most of us have done it before and we got distracted by crazy shops and food and beer and karaoke. I've been to all the museums many times. The wax witch museum is a little weird. When Giles Corey is being crushed by the rocks the sounds that are happening are so ridiculous I try hard not to laugh because it's showing a guy who got crushed to death but the sound is just unbelievable.  It totally takes away from the fact that this guy was horribly killed and did nothing wrong.

I love going to Salem but I forgot how tacky and commercial it can be. If you ever decide to go make sure you stop at some of the historical sites and learn about the history. It's pretty crazy to think about what happened.

I took some more pictures walking around Salem that I'll post tomorrow. I love the old houses and cobble stone streets.


  1. UGH that doll is going to give me nightmares.

  2. love that lamp. i need it in my life.

  3. If I went to Salem I would definitely hit up all the museums and historical sights I could find. But I would have to stop by the weird stores. I actually quite like that lamp.