Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tendinitis everywhere

My shoulder is killing me. Ibuprofen and I are have been spending some quality time together. I'm pretty sure it's tendinitis. I wish there was a better reason than I slept on my arm weird. My mother and I seem to be prone to tendinitis. I've had it in my right knee and my jaw. I was on crutches for a week and had to go through a couple months of physical therapy for my knee in high school. My mother has it in her elbow right now.

I joined Zipcar so I'm not completely carless. It's so weird not having a car of my own. It's been an adjustment after 11 years of car ownership. I think it will be good though to try out some other cars and see what I like. I'm actually a bit excited, there are a lot of different cars to choose from in my area. No news on the accident front. Still playing the waiting game which is a blast.

Last night I watched two new fall shows - Ben and Kate and the Mindy Project. I actually thought both pilots were pretty good but I think I liked Ben and Kate a little better. The little girl on that show is so cute. The Mindy Project did play Bad Girls by M.I.A. though. I love that song.

Live fast die young bad girls do it well.

Let's kill it Wednesday!

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  1. The tendinitis sounds pretty sucky. I sleep odd and wake up in pain sometimes but never so bad I'm on crutches or even painkillers. I hope you feel better soon.