Monday, May 2, 2011

The Genie Bra is the next Pajama Jeans

Mom:  So when I got home the other day I started to fall asleep on the couch when I started to hear some commercial about bras.

Me: ok....

Mom:  They started talking about how comfortable these bras are and I just got sucked in so I called them.  I think I'm getting some extra ones and I may have entered to win a trip to Aruba but I'm not sure...

Me:  So you may or may not have extra bras and a trip to Aruba?

Mom:  Well I ordered the bras.  They're called the Genie Bra and they're suppose to be the most comfortable bra ever.  They said "do you have under wire that pokes you?"  and I was like "yes that's me!"  I don't normally order stuff from the tv.  I don't know what got into me and then the woman on the phone started talking about a trip to Aruba.  I just wanted the bras.

Me:  I think you just ordered the pajama jeans of bras.

Mom:  They're back ordered so they must be popular.  I'll give you some when they come in.

Me:  I think I'm all set mom.

Seriously.  Look at these things!  Not hot. 


  1. Is that not just a sports bra?

  2. Pretty much. Or yes exactly that.

  3. lol... Oh man, your mom sounds great!

  4. Did you look at the "Before and After"s?! No wonder they look better; those women apparently didn't know how to put on a bra!