Monday, June 6, 2011


It's just the FAYZ man

As I've mentioned before I've been on a dytopian kick.  It's lasted for a good six months and it's still going strong.  My most recent read was Gone.  I picked this book up after seeing reviews that claimed it was like Lord of the Flies but with some paranormal elements to it.  It reminded me of Lost as well but instead of an island it's a giant bubble.  There's a lot going on and I had a lot of questions while reading but you slowly start getting answers.  Of course not everything is revealed or you wouldn't bother to continue the series.

There are some characters in this book that are pretty crazy and brutal.  I tried to think back to my classmates when I was 14 and I can't imagine them doing some of the things that happened in this book (encasing their classmates hands in cement and letting them starve).  I suppose part of the point of a book like Gone is that you don't know what kids would do in a situation like that.  No adults, and no idea how or way this situation is happening. 

At least they figured out how cement works and they manage to keep the McDonald's open.  Priorities!  I would need my french fries to survive something like this.

Onto the Lost comparison.  The main character Sam reminds me a lot of Jack - thrown into this situation that you have no control over and everyone is looking to you to be their leader.  You're not perfect, you're scared and you didn't ask to be a leader but you are.  Caine is like MIB as Locke.  He's a good speaker and a lot of the kids fall for his talk but he's just using them to get what he wants.  MIB wants off the island, Caine wants to beat the "poof" when he turns 15.  It's his way or you're in his way and he won't bat an eyelash when you're killed.

The paranormal element is interesting.  The animal and human mutations and what actually happens when you "poof".  I think it made the story much more interesting.

And it was not lost on me that one of the characters was named Caine.  Mr. Grant, you're not being sneaky with me.  I was onto that shit.  I can't say anymore because I might be giving something away.  I think I just kind of totally did though...

One of these days I'll stop referencing Lost, in like 10 years.  I almost referenced Passions but I thought that was crossing a line plus Passions has nothing to do with this book at all, I was just thinking about all the crazy paranormal crap that happened on that show and that was the reason why I watched it sometimes.  I mean dolls that were alive, and an evil baby with magical powers.  Good stuff! 

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