Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The boy who lived.

I made a last minute decision after work to see the last Harry Potter movie.  I went by myself, which is a first for me.  I think I'll be going to the movies solo more often.  I got my pop corn (which was my dinner, gross I know) and settled in for the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Overall I thought the movie was well done.  The pace was much faster than the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and there were some stellar performances.  Allen Rickman was amazing as usual.  I like the way Snape is portrayed in the movies better than in the books and I think that's due to Allen Rickman's performance.  Maggie Smith was also pretty fantastic.  "I've always wanted to use the spell". 

I cried even though the deaths were expected since I've read all the books.  There were a few funny moments though which I wasn't expecting and of course the Ron and Hermione kiss finally.  And woah Neville!  You were pretty badass in this film. 

There were a few details that were left out i.e. no mention of Tonks being pregnant but Harry somehow knows this and Snape dying in the boat house and not in the shrieking shack, but overall I enjoyed the movie.

It's been a fun ride Mr. Potter.  Thanks for the memories.


  1. I just went to see this last night. I enjoyed it. NEVILLE WAS SO BADASS!

    Sad to see it all end.

  2. i went with liz. it was a great movie!!! except the end was really cheesy, everyone in our theatre was laughing at the 19 year older cast.

  3. The end was pretty cheesy and they looked like they were playing dress up, not that they were older.

  4. They mention that Tonks is prego in Part 1, you know, when there's enough time that she could have had the baby.

    Also, Maggie Smith is just amazing.

  5. Tonks is about to tell everyone but she gets interrupted. I knew what she was going to say but she never actually says it. I don't know why they did it that way.

    And yes! Love Maggie Smith.

  6. I'm not reading any of this because I don't know what happens!

    But. I have been watching the movies finally because I'm "Late to the Party." #rimshot.

    I'll read the books when I'm done with the movies. So far, I'm on #4. I understand fans of the books usually don't like #3 but I loved it.

    Also, watching movies solo is pretty cool, as are matinee. I think this means we're getting old(er).