Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Money goals for August

Money has been tighter than I would like around here lately.  I have no one to blame but myself.  I think it's time to set down some goals - short term as well as long term.  I'm a visual person and if I write something down I'm more likely to stick to it.  I've decided to set a few goals for myself for the month of August to help me cut back my expenses and save money.

August goals
  1. Track every penny.  I need to see what I'm spending money on each month.  I know I'm spending too much money on stuff I don't need (like beer.....)
  2. Clean out closet and sell what I don't wear.  I have some clothes that still have tags on them!
  3. Pay off any fines on my library card so I can start using it again.  I might not even owe anything.
  4. Add up all my credit card debt so I know how much I actually owe.
  5. Put $50.00 into my emergency fund.
  6. Bring my lunch to work four days a week.
I'll be going out with friends for drinks on Friday.  I'm bringing cash and when that runs out no more drinks.  Living in Boston, drinks aren't cheap, and even worse I live in an area where the bars serve mostly pricey - but delicious, craft beer.  I'm hoping using cash rather than my debt card will help me reign in my spending on beer.

Bring it on August.  I'm ready to save some money.


  1. I am going to copy you and do this too. I need to stop wasting $$ on random crap.

  2. will keep track of everything for you. Its free and its so convenient! Just make sure you use a strong password

  3. good luck! they sound like things that are actually doable and sensible without ruining your life.