Monday, July 25, 2011

We're falling apart to halftime

I've reaturned from the mysterious town of Swansea.  I say mysterious because quite a few of us had to google Swansea to find out where it is.  Jesse and Kristina's wedding was a raging good time.  There was tons of food, drinking and dancing.  It was disgustingly hot but that didn't slow us down.

 My dress which I got on sale at Banana for $39.00.

Docks and high heels do not mix.  Docks and beer do.

Darryl actually making a normal face in a picture.  Good job D-Man.

This would be me being classy laughing about something on the floor in the hall of the hotel.

There are more pictures on my Tumblr if you're interested.  I wish I had gotten some pictures of the dancing but I was too busy dancing to remember.  Back at the hotel we had a little after party.  I feel asleep after watching the end of Dinner for Shmucks and laughing hysterically at Steve Carell.  

Vincent Van Gogh. Everyone said to him, "You can't be a great painter, you only have one ear." And you know what he said? "I can't hear you."

Sunday we had brunch before heading back to Boston.  I was so tired but had plans to see Rihanna in concert with Carly.  I took a very short nap, showered and headed out to the show.  I knew more songs than I thought I would.  Not a bad show but not the best I've seen.

I got to bed around 1:30 a.m.  Gross.  I am dragging today and I can't wait to get home and go to bed early.  The weekend just flew by!


  1. Amen to the end of today. I was dragging ass all day, and I might cry tears of happiness when I get to snuggle into my bed.

    You look so pretty and I love the dress. That picture of you laughing is priceless too. Sure you can't meet us in Chicago? :)


  2. Thanks :) I wish I afford to go to Chicago. I'm going to be so jealous that you guys will all be there.

  3. Your dress is adorable but seriously my favorite part of this post is the title. FOB for the win.