Friday, July 29, 2011

Want some magic?

I was walking down the street towards home - recently purchased beer in one hand, iPhone in the other.

"Where are you?"

"Right near your house walking.  Want some magic?"

"Ha come over."

Magic is our code word for Magic Hat #9.

I'm greeted by Riley the tiny pup (who's not actually a puppy).  We check out guys on a free dating website and laugh at how ridiculous some of the profiles are.  Online dating profiles are way more entertaining when you can be snarky with a friend.

Melissa orders food.  I start playing random songs on youtube which quickly turns into watching clips from musicals.  The Mary Poppins penguin dance number, Daddy Warbucks and Annie singing together "I don't need anything but you!", it was like Glee but less annoying.  We are amazing singers in our own minds.

I walk back to my house once I realize how late it was getting.  I start thinking about how lucky I am to live in a city I love and that I have a friend who will sing along with me.

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