Saturday, August 27, 2011

FACT: I'm kind of a #nerd

I pretty much died when I saw this (see more tv shows here).  It's just so much awesome.  I really wish I could have a direwolf as a pet.   I don't think my direwolf would appreciate my small studio apartment in the city.

You guys I'm kind of realizing how much of a nerd I am.  I pretty much did a little dance in my chair when the Guild came back with new episodes, I really have the urge to play Halo right now and I'm blowing through Dr. Who on Netflix.  Nerd for life!

My co-workers think I'm a nerd due to my love of all things social media.  They know I love blogging and that I went to Vegas to meet up with a bunch of bloggers.  I openly talk about it.  I tried to explain what foursquare is but I just got blank stares.  They also had no idea what I was talking about when I said I was featured blogger on 20sb.  I mean these are important things folks!

How do people in your life react to your social media usage? 


  1. I think I might have to fight you for the #nerd crown. My boss actually told me today that he could have used me in a production meeting because they were all geeks and he had no idea what they were talking about.

    That Game of Thronies pic is epic.

    I also told all my friends/family that I was Featured Blogger and they gave me blank stares. That was the highlight of my YEAR! EXCUSE ME!!!

  2. Holy crap. Everything about this post makes me go #nerdcrush.

  3. Ha, if you worked with the younger set, they'd get the social media thing. But working with predominantly young people usually means SHITTY PAY; they entice you with a "casual" environment, but you end up broke as a joke.

  4. @Nugs - this is why we are friends

    @Jas - Thank you!

    @M and C - this is very true ha ha

  5. My co-workers saw the water bottle I brought back from the 20sb summit and I got the whole, " blog?" thing and it was uncomfortable. My young friends don't even get foursquare and I get shifty eyes every time I yell, "YES. MAYOR BITCHES."

    Maybe I'm overly enthusiastic.

  6. Pretty much the same. People just have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about when I tell them about my internet world. Most people don't seem to understand it. But I love all the same. :)

  7. Social media usage is part of my job description. So, no strange looks at work. Family and friends however don't seem to get exactly what I do. Maybe that's just for the best. :)

  8. Aww, I love Game of Thrones! I'm going to watch those shows like right now :)

  9. @Lor - One of my friends is very supportive of my mayor quests even though she does not use foursqaure. I would totally rock that water bottle.

    @Kathy - Good thing we have each other right?

    @Laurens - Sometimes it probably is for the best.

    @Mila - Have you read the books?