Friday, August 26, 2011

Running into your #OKCupid rejects and something about a hurricane.

Happy Friday lovely readers. Us East coasters are getting ready for Hurricane Irene. Better pull my boat out of the water. I seriously hope that you know I'm kidding. If I had a boat I'd be on it right now with T-Pain and Andy Samberg.  You never know how seriously to take these things.  I mean obviously if they tell you to evacuate you should and I would not want to be near the coast on Sunday but the news just goes crazy with this stuff.  I have a flash light and candles.  I'm going to get some extra water and maybe some tasty snacks and have a hurricane party with the cats.

Speaking of cats - I saw this hoodie in Target with a lion on it and I knew I had to have it.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I pretty much love anything with lions or tigers on it.  Maybe it's the cat lady in me.  I also love hoodies.  How could I resist?  I didn't.

Anyways, I had an interesting T ride this morning.  I look up from my book and I totally recognize the dude across from me.  Every dating website I've been on he's messaged me.  Over the years I've been on a few dating sites off and on.  I try one out for a little bit and I either get bored, annoyed or start seeing someone so I delete my profile.  I've tried Match, OKCupid and Plenty of Fish.  Every time I put a profile up on one of these sites he is on there sending me a message.  I always ignore his messages because his profile creeps me out.  He sounds way too desperate and I get the feeling he would cling to any girl that showed him any sort of attention and there he is sitting across from me. 

He didn't give me any strange looks so I don't think he recognized me but then again he was wearing sunglasses so for all I know he could have been staring me down.

I have a track record of running into people I've rejected from dating sites.

Christmas of 2007.  I'm at a former co-workers Christmas party when I see this guy walk in who I had been on two dates with a couple months back but just wasn't feeling it.  I had starting seeing someone else so I broke it off using that excuse rather than "I'm just not into you".  He seemed cool with it at the time. 

He sees me and makes a B line directly for me.  I can tell by watching him that he's drunk which is odd considering he told me he didn't drink.

I don't drink drunk dude:  Ginny!!!  What are you doing here!  It's so good to see you!

at this point I'm having the most awkward hug of my life.

me:  Hey I don't drink drunk dude.  How are you?

IDDDD:  Oh man well this girl I was seeing just dumped me so I decided to get drunk.

WTF!  He was so anti-drinking when I met him and now he's wasted.  He poured his drunken heart out to me for a few minutes and then wandered off.  Ok, I can deal with this.  He's harmless and just upset about being drumped.

And then I see him standing up on a chair.  I don't know how I knew what was going to happen next but I did.  He's going to make an announcement.  Shit, this is bad BAD.

IDDDD:  Guys!  Guys!  I have something to say.

the whole party stops and everyone looks at him.

IDDDD:  This girl!  This girl right here!  She's a really great girl.  And even though she wouldn't date me.  I still think she's a great girl.

This is the part where I die.  I just stand there and I can only imagine the look on my face.  This is why I'm not seeing you!  Because you are out of your flipping mind!!!  The rest of the night I'm fielding questions about how I know him and I tell the truth, that we met online.  I think I turned quite a few people off from online dating that night.

The second incident happened in May of 2009.  I was at a party talking to this dude.  He seemed nice enough but I didn't know if he was my type.  While we're in the middle of our conversation he suddenly asks me "do I know you from somewhere?"  I didn't recognize this guy at all so I said that I didn't think so.  "Are you on okcupid?  Is your user name xxxxxx?"  Why yes that is my user name and I am!  Ok, freak out time, what did I do?  "Yeah we were messaging back and forth and then you just stopped responding."  Oops, sorry about that dude at party.

I was really embarrassed but must have played it off well because he wasn't too upset over it.  He found it kind of funny.  I just don't understand why this crap keeps happening to me.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Running into your OKCupid rejects?  It's a pretty horrible situation but makes for great blogging right?

I hope this doesn't turn you off from online dating.  I think it's a fabulous tool to meet new people and if anything you get some awesome stories out of it.

And now I leave you with a hurricane themed song.  Take it away Panic! at the Disco.


  1. Ha! I actually once messaged a tuy who didn't respond to me, and it turns out we're coworkers. And now we're kind of friends! I don't know if he remembers me messaging him, but I hope not. Now that I know him better, he's not my type and is dating my friend's roommate.

    I'm in the Boston area, too- quite possible that we've crossed paths with the same OKCupid guys!

  2. This was super amusing. Thank you.

  3. This is why I follow my number 1 life rule.

    Never do anything ever.

  4. I was actually laughing out loud reading this because I've had too many similar situations, including one in church.

    Good luck with the whole hurricane thing!

  5. @Katie - I'm sure we have! Boston is a small city.

    @Liz - Thanks Liz :)

    @Rahul - Good rule. Especially considering I'm lazy.

    @Lavender - A church situation? I think that might be worse than a party.

  6. AHAHAHA. This is why, despite what most of my friends say, I will never do online dating.

  7. This makes me feel better about my online dating life. I've never actually run into any of those people IRL, although I would have just faked being foreign.

    Also Panic! at the Disco FTW!

  8. Crap's blown outta proportion to sell 3 things: tv ratings (thus advertising), groceries and shit like duct tape, batteries, flashlights, candles, power generators for the big spenders etc.....

    Next hurricane, get Pat O'Brien's hurricane mix at the clev circle liquor store, it's a red powder, authentic New Orleans shit and tasty as hell (New Orleneans would be laughing their asses off at the hysteria up here this week)

  9. ps re: okc etc, your experience is better than having to call cops on a guy like I did! But awkwardness does seem to keep making the world spin round, necessary evil

  10. @kathy - I serious love that song. Glad you agree

    @Nugs - Do it so then you can blog about it like me!

    @Sassy - too small!

    @Tits - I should have faked being foreign. I knew you'd like the Panic song ha.

    @M & C - thank God I've never had to call the cops! That would be way worse. I'll take public humiliation.

  11. Ha! Being from here also, I'm sure some of the same men have crossed our paths! I found some interesting dudes online... definitely some good stories if nothing else! Oh, and hey, ManFriend isn't a bad reward either!

  12. That's how I feel about it. I might meet new friends and at least I have some stories.

  13. Ugh, how embarrassing!

    I have a funny story like that! Kevin and I were once at a friend's game night, and a chick--a friend's date--said that Kevin looked really familiar, but they couldn't figure out how they'd've met, so we dropped the topic. Later in the night, we asked how she and K's friend met, and she said they met online.

    Me: That's great! Kevin and I met online, too.
    Chick: (to Kevin) THAT'S HOW I KNOW YOU! OKCupid, right?
    Kevin: Yeah! That's the site Sarah and I met on!
    Chick: I remember seeing your profile!
    Kevin: Oh yeah! I messaged you! ...You never wrote back.
    Chick: Oh... yeah... **clears throat, wanders away*