Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#Stop creeping me out with your whistling alarm clock

I'm super pumped right now.  My brother and sister-in-law fly in today to visit!  My mother is in mom mode planning a baby shower for Ashley.  Today also happens to be my brother's birthday!  The next two weeks are going to be crazy but fun crazy.

I was planning on blogging yesterday as well as putting up my new header on ye olde blog but I had gone to a party the night before and went to bed at 3 a.m.  Oops.  I also ate the combos that I bought for my brother.  He is obsessed with combos but has a hard time finding them in Louisiana.  Sorry that I ate your combos in my drunken feeding frenzy bro.  And if you don't know what combos are, you better change that asap.  They are a pretty amazing snack and come in many fake cheese flavors.

What is the flavor on the far left?  I don't think I've tried that one yet.

I'll have to buy some more from my brother.  I hope he likes his birthday present of combos ha ha.  Anyways, back to the party.  It was at this house in Marshfield which might as well be in Canada.  All I know is that it's south shore (ish) area.  The house was pretty interesting.  Multiple stair cases and random rooms everywhere.  I could have gotten lost.  It was fun times though.

So here I am hanging out on a roof laughing about something.  Yeah it's all fun and games at 2 a.m.  But when you have to wake up at 7:30 a.m. to go to work the next day, not so much.  I went to bed at 8:30 last night.

I got woken up at half hour intervals by my neighbors alarm clock.  Ah city living is awesome.  They changed their alarm to some creepy whistle.  Like I seriously picture in my head a lone indian whistling this tune after coming across his fellow warriers who died in battle.  It creeps me out!  For two nights I thought I was dreaming this whistling up and that made it even more creepy.  I discovered today though that I'm not crazy my neighbors just enjoying creeping my out with their creepy alarm clock.

I'll be adding a new header here shortly.  My laptop from old times won't let me log into gmail right now which is where the header is.  I think my computer refuses to load websites that didn't exist before 2002.


  1. definitely going to try combos. i've seen them at gas stations before and never really knew what they are!

  2. I used to live next to someone with a really loud alarm clock. And I swear they snoozed it way too many times each morning. So I feel your pain.

  3. oooo i love combos too ha! just came across your blog :) super cute girl! cant wait to see the new header!

  4. @Katie - let me know what you think. Fake cheese is pretty tasty.

    @Kathy - It wouldn't be so bad if it went off only once

    @Sassy - I'm wondering it it's some whistling iphone alarm app.

    @Cait - Yes! Another combos fan. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love the header! I always try to do so much on a header it ends up being so busy. This is perfect.

    And I was a huge combo fan in high school. I equate them to stomach aches now.

  6. I love it too! I hate when I start associating a good food with being sick.