Monday, September 19, 2011

The #Emmys

Has anyone noticed that the Emmys are always deemed "boring" or "dull".  Every year after a major awards show I check the internets to see what other people thought of the show and it's always the same thing.  The host is blasted for doing a sub par job.  The jokes and skits always fall flat.  Has anyone every written a positive review of an awards show?  I don't expect award shows to be super exciting and entertaining.  I watch them for the outfits and for the actors and actresses reactions to winning (or losing).  The day someone writes a positive review of an awards show I may keel over.

I was very happy that Downton Abbey won multiple awards.  That show is so good!  And Peter Dinklage winning for best supporting actor in a drama series made my night.  Well deserved.

Are you not watching this show?  Because you should be.  It's fantastic!

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  1. I love that show. I'm looking forward to them starting up the second season...but it's taking too long to air :(