Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A case of the sads kicked to the curb

I was in quite the mood Sunday and Monday.  Luckily I have kicked the sads to the curb.  After a bit of a cry and a visit from Dave I am feeling much better.  I can't even say why I was sad.  I just was.  I know me though and I usually get over this feeling within a day and I did.

Apparently everything in my apartment has decided to stop working.  My wine bottle opener (tear), my lamp and my DVD player.  Dave and I were going to have a glass of wine and watch a movie.  The bottle opener was like "enjoy your wine with your cork in it!"  You think that stopped us?  Puh-lease.  I have a strainer and a jug.  Let's do this!

Next was the DVD player.  "You want to watch a movie?  Enjoy this freezing and skipping ahead five scenes!"  We  finished the movie so I consider that battle won.  Kiss it DVD player.

The lamp was just having a seizure in the corner while I was trying to take care of the DVD player issues.  I bought you at IKEA lamp!  You are cheap and replaceable!

The good thing with arguing with inanimate objects is they never yell back.


  1. Hey,my wine opener broke on Sunday night ! My friend bought me a cute mustache wine opener as a house warming gift, and while it was adorable, it doesn't do it's job and now it is broked.

  2. That is sad because that sounds like the best opener ever!

  3. That is quite a lot of things breaking in one day. Let's hope that streak is over with!

  4. Ive had the wine opener problem before. We found a screw and a hammer...it worked out alright. At least we didn't end up drinking glass. The strainer is a brilliant idea however!

  5. I love the fact that inanimate objects never yell back. I sometimes feel that being my verbal punching bag is the actual reason some of these things exist...

    The sads belong on the curb, best transported there via kicking, so I am glad you have done this.

  6. @Kathy - I hope so I don't need anything else breaking

    @Kayleigh - we tried a screw driver at one point too ha ha

    @Sweeney - Right on! Right to the curb. KICK