Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's very bright at 3 a.m. which is why I'm wearing these sunglasses

I completely forgot about Melissa and I's bathroom photo shoot.  My hair is doing awesome things due to the rainy weather. No likey.

I'm currently eating easy mac and white chocolate reeces for breakfast.  Pretty disgusting of me but tastes delicious.

Melissa and I saw some Polish Bantam chickens at the mall.  I don't know why they have chickens in the mall but they do. 

These are the most ridiculous looking chickens I have ever seen.  We were cracking up hysterically over them.  This is what happens when you're deliriously tired and you see chickens pecking each other in the face.  I really want one of these chickens.  Considering I have two cats and no yard I don't think my chicken dreams will come true.

Other things I find ridiculous: 

People finding the image of Jesus in an object.  I'm sorry but do you really think Jesus is going to take the time to imprint an image of himself on toast?  Doesn't he have better things to do?  I mean come on, he is not blessing your toast, I'm sorry.  And if that really is the image of Jesus do you really think you should be selling Jesus on ebay for money?

A baby zebra busting loose from the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.  Go baby zebra!  Go!


  1. Jesus is on the Zebra! Just kidding.
    But for real.

  2. I wonder how much the Zebra with Jesus would go for on ebay.

  3. Polish Bantam chickens.. I NEED ONE.

  4. Those are some pretty hilarious chickens.

  5. haha OOMG those chickens are they forreal? LOLOL

  6. Are those really polish chickens? Or are they chinese? Wait, don't the chinese eat chickens? Gross. I really don't know what to respond to that other than is your mall actually a zoo? Maybe you could talk them into parading the baby zebra up and down in there.

    And this is just one thing from across the pond (from Vienna, to be exact): in the wintertime here circus people often stand outside the stores holding onto a miniature pony or a half-wit with a sign that says "Feed the Circus Animals Through the Winter."

    I am not making this up. Well, maybe they don't really have ponies.

  7. I'm glad you guys find this chickens as entertaining as I do.

    @wagthedad - This reminds me of the time I found a feather on a piece of chicken when I ordered Chinese food. Gross! I'm thinking the mall needs a zebra. A baby zebra.

    Circus people really do that?! Wow. I would probably feed the animals because I would feel bad. Especially if they had a Polish Bantam chicken.

  8. I love those sunglasses!

  9. @huginacup - I wish they were mine but I'm sure Melissa would let me borrow them.