Friday, October 28, 2011

How to impress your friends and their neighbors

STEP 1:  Throw on clothing that could pass as pajamas.

STEP 2:  Throw on some fun leggings because it's effing cold out.

STEP 3:  Walk to liquor store to purchase refreshment.  Make sure the old Asian man who's paying for his giant cans of Budweiser with a roll of quarters goes before you because you look less crazy.

STEP 4:  Pose for a photo with something classy, like an easel

STEP 5:  Post unflattering photos of yourself on facebook and tag random objects as people.


  1. This is by far the definition of class. I should try these helpful tips.

  2. Comfy clothes + awesome leggings = killer outfit. I like your zebra stripes :)

  3. We should be neighbors. I have a huge supply of wine and liquor, so you can skip the asian man!

  4. I wish I were neighbors with all of you because I would share my leggings and wine!