Thursday, June 28, 2012

I kind of get it now

All I want to do right now is watch the first night of the men's Olympics gymnastics trials but I don't have cable and they're not live streaming night one online. Instead I'm going to watch Make it or Break it and eat some fish sticks. Sorry if I ruined your glamorous image of me but fish sticks are delicious.

Right now I'm trying to plan my life around the Olympics. I will not miss gymnastics. I'm just telling you now, if you invite me out during a night that the gymnastics is on I will not go.

Is this how baseball fans feel about the world series? I kind of get it now.


  1. Yes! I love the diving too.

  2. Yes this is how baseball fans feel. But also I love Olympic Gymnastics and I totally loved Make it Or Break it and frankly most ABCFamily shows, except that awful secret life bullshit.

  3. God, I love the Olympics. I'm currently planning how to get myself into debt, aka how to buy a flat screen TV, in time for the Olympics.

    I HAVE TO.

  4. Fish sticks are pretty awesome, so I haven't lost any respect for you. I guess that's how the world series fans feel about it, and the Superbowl for that matter. I don't have anything I feel that strongly about though I think.

  5. Male gymnasts freak me out, man. All those muscles and weird veins in random places... yugh.