Monday, June 4, 2012

Just a lovely nor'easter

I woke up this morning after being off of work for four days. I've been dreading this week simply because it's going to be raining every day until Saturday.

Waiting for the T the sideways rain picks up. My butt is wet which is great when you're sitting on a humid train.

Once off the train I'm in a battle. Wind vs. Umbrella and me. Guess who's winning?

This means I will be getting soup for lunch. I'm guessing it will be broccoli cheddar and I'm predicting that I will feel disgusting after but right now it sounds like a good idea.

So yeah, just thought I'd share how my Monday is going.


  1. Which, from the sounds of it, is not too well. Hopefully the weather clears up. It's cleared up around here again.

  2. It snowed last week, here. Newfoundland is the butt of the world, weather-wise. And 9 times out of 10, it smells like it, too.
    Hope yours clears up some. It's still cold and misty for us.

  3. I am enjoying a rainy Monday as well. And when I say enjoy, I mean it fucking sucks.

  4. Oh you poor doll... sounds like you had a horrible day. I feel like it's been raining all over the world recently! :( WHERE IS THE SUMMER? Love Elle xo