Friday, July 6, 2012

What I found in CVS

The alternate title for this post is "I ate everything in Brookline". I just wanted to eat everything yesterday. Aren't you suppose to be less hungry in the heat? Not me.

I have the rest of this week off of work and what have I been doing with my time? Eating, sleeping and finding ridiculous items in CVS.

"Eat me you shall"
"No Yoda, I will not eat you."
Who decided this was going to be a product? Just six Weezer songs. And let's sell this at CVS.

The classy way to keep cool. Cheap fan with m&m's attached.

I'm seriously considering going back to CVS for a My Little Pony with rainbow hair. I become five years old again and really wanted it. I decided against it since I didn't want to pay $8.00. But I'm now remembering I have CVS extra bucks and I could only pay $3.00 for it.

Today my lazy staycation shall continue. Hopefully I'll meet up with Derek for lunch and then later Magic Mike and magic tavern time? I have to get some laundry and cleaning in there but it's a lot of work being lazy. Where would I find the time?

AC goes in tomorrow. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. I have been hot. The poor kitties have been really hot too.


  1. I have a Rainbow Dash (the name of the rainbow haired pony in case you didn't know) and it was a birthday present. I have another one and it cost me $10 I think, so it's quite a good price you found there.

    Okay I never thought I would tell anyone they found a My Little Pony at a good price.

    Also you should have bought two Yodas. One to eat, and one to keep.

  2. No ac right now??! Ugh. Awful.

  3. Grade 10 me would have died over finding a weird Weezer album like that. I was OBSESSED with finding all of their albums, singles, etc. Don't have that one, though!

  4. I've got one of those fans, best thing ever!

  5. They had a yoda sucker and a my little pony?!? Your CVS is way better than mine.